Photos: Chumash Park, Pismo Beach, CA

This 38-acre natural park includes wetlands, willows, oaks and associated habitat and is popular with walkers and dog lovers. The park has recently been developed with a trail system, tot lot, and restrooms.

Above text is from City of Pismo Beach, CA website: CLICK HERE.

All photographs shown below were taken by Anthony V. Toscano.

On entering, I feel peacefulness settling inside my chest.


Shadows dapple the ground. Branches join to calm the heart.


The trail becomes an invitation.
The trail becomes an invitation.


Trees embrace, and we begin to dance.
Trees embrace, and we begin to dance.


I took the road, Robert.
I took the road, Robert.


Hot and dry; and bleeding life.


The urge to lose one's way continues.
The urge to lose one’s way continues.



10 thoughts on “Photos: Chumash Park, Pismo Beach, CA

  1. I can sense the calmness in the midst of busy Central Coast. This is the image I carried as I wrote my novel and it’s lovely to see the setting as you have captured it. I love your photo blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anthony, you make me miss Pismo Beach! Those pictures remind me of the beauty of the area. It’s just gorgeous there. I have fond memories of camping on the beach, riding in dune buggies and walks along the shore. There are wonderful parks and trails that brought tranquility to my soul. Thank you for sharing a part of your world. I hope you’re feeling strong and life is treating you well! 🙂

  3. Interesting (and beautiful) photos, especially when clicked and viewed full-size. And intriguingly captioned.

    Pismo Beach? That name struck a chord in my failing memory. I had to search my extensive bank of stored events for a bit before I realized that the man’s name I was searching for was Bob Hope. Funny what one can remember, when prodded, from fifty years ago or thereabouts. Bob Hope often mentioned Pismo Beach in his monologues.

    Fine work, Anthony.

  4. Gene, Thank you for looking (and for the kind mention on your blog). I didn’t know that about Bob Hope. Mr. Hope always made me laugh. I once had the good fortune to watch and listen to the man who wrote most of Bob Hope’s jokes. This was after Bob Hope died, I think. I don’t recall the man’s name. But I do remember that he sounded exactly like Bob. Not his voice. His delivery and his mannerisms.

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